Linguistics Friday Lunch Talk

Date & Local Time:
Location: Yale University | Sterling Memorial Library 41.311297 -72.9287747

A panel of Linguistics faculty and graduate students will discuss a position paper on reproducible research in linguistics. The panel will consider the role of reproducibility in increasing verification and accountability; associated implications for how linguistic data are managed, cited, and maintained for long-term access; and mechanisms for evaluating “data work” in academic hiring, tenure, and promotion processes.

Reproducible research in linguistics: A position statement on data citation and attribution in our field

Panelists: Maria Piñango, Associate Professor of Linguistics, Psychology, Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program Jim Wood, Assistant Professor of Linguistics Rikker Dockum, Graduate Student, Linguistics Moderated by Claire Bowern, Professor of Linguistics

Contact Claire Bowern, Department of Linguistics, and Youn Noh, Yale University Library