Data Labs: Improving Access to Government Data

This is a virtual/online event.

Date & Local Time:
Location: Digital Civil Society Lab | Stanford, CA 37.4275 -122.1697

Governments collect and store massive amounts of administrative data about a wide range of issues. From public health data to crime statistics to student test scores, these data drive the public policy decisions that improve people’s lives.

Nonprofits fill gaps that aren’t addressed by government services, yet they often don’t have access to government data sets, much less the technical capacity to analyze them.

This non-reciprocal approach to data sharing creates information silos that stifle progress across civil society.

Join us as we gather experts to discuss an emerging data-sharing model that helps dissolve these barriers while safeguarding sensitive data.

The Data Labs project led by New Philanthropy Capital and the Governance Lab aims to make government administrative data more transparent, so that nonprofits can better understand the impact of their services on beneficiaries.

Lucy Bernholz, Director of the Digital Civil Society Lab, will host a livestreamed conversation with:

How does the data labs model work? How has it benefited the nonprofit sector? Which social issues can it be applied to? How is it being adapted in the US and around the world?

Panelists will address these issues and more, including questions from our virtual audience.

Contact: Laura Seaman