Preserving Artifact and Architecture with Cultural Heritage Informatics

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Location: University of Virginia | Clemons Library VizLounge, Charlottesville, VA 38.0364566 -78.5053683

Presented by Will Rourk and Arin Bennett. Intrinsic to historic buildings and objects is the condition that they are subject to potential transfiguration and even loss over time. Cultural Heritage Informatics at the University Library seeks to collect data on our historic assets and to preserve data regarding their conditions over time. The University of Virginia has the rare privilege and honor of being located at a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We are surrounded by history at every level, from artifact to architecture. With equipment obtained by a far-sighted grant obtained in 2011, the University of Virginia Library has been collecting cultural heritage data of the buildings, monuments, sites and objects that surround us and that come to us via our faculty and students. Documentation tools including laser scanners, aerial drones and photogrammetric technologies, as well as industry-standard software are being utilized to collect and process what can be considered to be primary source data that is vital to our historic record as well as significant for scholarly use. In pursuit of our mission, we are researching methods of collecting, archiving and disseminating this data to our academic constituency.

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