You Can Dig the Same Hole Twice: The Development of a Metadata Scheme for Archaeological Archives

Date & Local Time:
Location: Michigan State University | REAL Classroom (Main Library: 3 West) 42.730871 -84.4832076

Speaker: Jon Frey, Associate Professor, Classical Studies Art History & Visual Culture

The “digital revolution” in archaeology has brought with it a number of exciting opportunities. From GPS to laser scanners and sophisticated databases, archaeologists can now utilize with relative ease a number of new data collection tools that promise to speed and simplify our research. A somewhat less glamorous but equally important advantage of the digital age concerns our ability to scan and share large quantities of paper-based legacy documents kept in archaeological archives around the world. This presentation reviews some of the challenges faced by a team of researchers here at MSU as they develop a new metadata scheme to as part of the digitization of an excavation archive at the Ohio State University Excavations at Isthmia in Greece.