raising awareness of threats to publicly available data; exploring the power dynamics of data creation, sharing, and retention; and teaching ways to make endangered data more accessible and secure

Literate Data Science in Stata

Date & Local Time:
Location: University of Virginia Library | Brown Science and Engineering Library, Room 133, Clark Hall, University of Virginia 38.0332986 -78.5077038
Website: http://data.library.virginia.edu/endangered-data-week-2018/

Literate statistical programming can improve the efficiency and reproducibility of our research. This workshop explores tools for weaving code, results, and interpretation into integrated documents in Stata. We will consider default solutions bundled with Stata 15, as well as community-created alternatives. We will also illustrate multiple output formats (e.g., .html, .tex, .pdf). Prior knowledge of markdown is helpful but not required. Presented by Alex Jakubow.

Contact: Ricky Patterson